The market and the requirements for reliable and comprehensive insurance coverage are constantly changing. We will be personally available to you, from the first preliminary discussions and throughout the entire insurance period. We offer you competent consultation and support for all sectors of marine and transport insurance. Our focus is on always dealing with you your insurance matters transparently and with trust.

Our consultation encompasses the entire procedure:

Firstly we take care of an in-depth risk analysis.

On this basis we continuously check your existing contracts against your previously identified individual insurance requirements and propose adjustments accordingly.

Subsequently we offer our clients our assistance in obtaining necessary certificates (e.g. COFR, ICB, etc.) and in fulfilling international stipulations.


We remain continuously available for consultation, and are personally there for you.


Unfortunately, claims are unavoidable in the shipping and transport industry.

In order to provide good service in the event of claims, we take care of your claims from claim notification to settlement.

With our expertise and our contacts, we can ensure that the claim is minimized and that your interests are safeguarded at all times.

While we provide defence for your damage claims, carry out your recourse, or otherwise represent your interests in the event of a claim, you can concentrate on your core business.

We at the claims team are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


You can rely on us!


The settlement of premiums and claim payments requires absolute reliability, and has to meet all international quality standards.

By managing premium collection accounts, loss accounts, and the business account, all cash flows are kept transparent and comprehensible.

This also corresponds with the Code of Conduct of the BDVM, which we have belonged to for many years.

Support for Third Party Damages

For companies in the maritime sector that have not placed their insurance through us, we offer an extensive and individually customized claim management solution.

If your company has its own claims department, we can support you competently and effectively.

Or we can take on the entirety of your claims management. That decision is for you to make.

In the event of claims, with our experience and expertise we can achieve optimal results for you – while you concentrate on your core business.

Correspondents Activity

As a correspondent for P&I Clubs, we can comprehensively put our expertise to use for you:

The strength of the P&I Club consists of its being able to provide members with qualified support in nearly every country and port in the world, with no time or effort lost due to linguistic or mentality-based barriers.

As a correspondent we act as representatives of the P&I Club locally, assisting the insured party when the P&I Club needs to be active in German ports, or if members would like to utilize our local contacts, for example in order to contract cargo inspections.

With our excellent contacts we are able to support ship owners and their representatives on board with words and deeds, and to make sure that their interests are safeguarded.