Basic War Insurance

title image: Kriegsversicherung

War insurance is separate insurance coverage against loss or damage to the ship caused by acts of war. This includes damages due to items left behind from previous acts of war, terrorist attacks, riots, rebellions, and piracy.

But the war insurers also exclude vulnerable shipping routes, so-called 'Listed Areas' (, from basic war insurance protection. Calls to these excluded areas must be indicated to the insurer in advance in order to maintain the insurance coverage. vom Basiskriegsschutz aus. Das Anlaufen dieser Ausschlussgebiete muss dem Versicherer vorher angezeigt werden, um den Versicherungsschutz aufrecht zu halten.

War insurance should also include cover for the daily indemnity of the loss of hire insuranceagainst piracy, since piracy risks are is excluded from conventional loss of hire insurance.